• B707 VIP Interior
  • B727 VIP Interior
  • B737 VIP Interior
  • B767 VIP Interior
  • B777 Commercial Interior
  • B737 Commercial Interior
  • DC-9 Commercial Interior
  • DC-10 Commerical Interior
  • BAC 111 VIP Interior
  • HS125 VIP Interior
  • Lear 35 VIP Interior
  • Lear 55 VIP Interior
  • Bell 206L VIP Interior
  • Bell 230 VIP Modification
  • Bell 430 VIP Modification
  • Bell 427 VIP Modification
  • Gulfstream G4 VIP Modification
  • Gulfstream G5 VIP Modification
  • A300 Cargo Conversion
  • B767 Cargo Conversion
  • B757 Combi Conversion
  • ATR72 Combi Conversion
  • B727 Winglet
  • B737 Avionics Testbed
  • Carbon Fiber UAV
  • Air Medical Equipment
  • Numerous small design projects

Our primary focus is on the engineering side of aircraft design and modification. But we can also provide concept to completion coverage for your project. Either way, your project will be personally supervised by a highly experienced aviation professional from start to finish, insuring you get the quality outcome you desire. No job is too big or too small. Ask for a quote.

Our unique lean business structure allows for a lower overall cost to your project, while insuring the very best quality product. We start with a very small staff of aviation professionals, then add known quality individuals to our team on a per project basis to accomplish the specific task you desire. In this way we utilize only professionals with the specific expertise needed to accomplish your project. During 32 years in the aviation industry we have cultivated relationships with the best of the best in aviation and can bring exactly the right resources to your project to deliver an exceptional product.